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Integral Social Work


Over the past several years, professional social workers and other social service providers have begun to apply Integral Theory to practice and research.

As a meta-theory that transcends and includes commonly used social work theories, Integral Theory helps to articulate social work’s “person-in-environment” or “biopsychosocial-spiritual” perspective. Simply put, we have a map to understand how body, mind, and spirit express in self, culture, and nature. Integral social workers are finding that Integral Theory can be powerfully applied to promote individual well-being within a social context and societal well-being. The application of Integral Theory facilitates our ability to carry out our professional mission set forth in the National Association of Social Workers' Code of Ethics (1999).

Use of the Integral framework facilitates the integration of research findings and helps to note gaps, generating questions for further research relevant to social work practice. Integral Methodological Pluralism can be applied to evaluate the effectiveness of comprehensive social services.

You are welcome to join the Integral enactment of social work and service through the development of HEARTS.

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